Best Summer Decorating Color Palettes for your Home

Summer isn’t complete without a beautiful styled porch in neutral hues. / Source

Inspiration for Summer Decor in 2024 If there’s one thing that tends to define summer season, it’s color. From the bursts of blooms to the vibrant hues of beach balls and swimsuits, there’s no shortage of saturation to marvel at. Yet, as bold and whimsical as those shades are, it can be a challenge finding […]

13 Best Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors for Cabinets  


Top White Cabinet Paint Color Picks for your Kitchen Cabinets If you’re one of my readers that’s building a new home, or looking transform your outdated kitchen cabinetry with a fresh shade of white, this post is for you! I’ve rounded up my top choices for the best Sherwin Williams white paint color for kitchen cabinets. From […]

How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for your Living Room


Living Room Rug Sizing Guide How big should my living room rug be?  It’s a common question and a very common area of your home to make a mistake. I see it all the time. But fear not, navigating the art of selecting the ideal rug size for your living room doesn’t have to be […]

39 Easy Center Table Decor Ideas (and tips) for your Living Room


Let’s dive in to the world of how to decorate a center table in the living room. We’ll unravel 39+ secrets used by interior designers…like me :), to create a stunning focal point in your living room. From the timeless allure of coffee table books to the organic beauty of natural elements, we’ll explore a […]

23 Best Gray Paint Colors for Cabinets by Sherwin Williams


Gray has surged in popularity as a top pick for kitchen cabinets, with good reason! It’s remarkedly versatile and neutral, working with any color palette or design scheme. Yet, deciding between gray paint colors for your cabinets is no small feat; it’s a delicate dance between warm undertones, cool undertones, light gray, and dark gray. In […]

10 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas with Honey Oak Cabinets


Your kitchen, it’s the heart of the home, where culinary creations and family gatherings unfold. If you find yourself stuck in the golden glow of wood cabinets, specifically honey oak cabinets, I’ve got you! In this blog post, we’re about to embark on a journey of my curated honey oak kitchen ideas to transform your […]

5 90s Home Design and Decor Trends to Update in 2024

Wallpaper borders are far too 90s in style, but wallpaper can absolutely be used to beautiful effect. By balancing a soft floral print with a bold blue vanity and an otherwise neutral palette throughout, this powder room feels fresh and inviting. (Interior Design by Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

Budget-Friendly Upgrades to Modernize Your Home Remember our run-down of 5 Signs Your Home is Stuck in the 90s? Well, we couldn’t resist adding a few more to the list! And this time, we’re talking all about those deja vu trends that are so rooted in 90s decor lore that it’s hard to believe they […]

The Best Modern Lake Home Design Ideas for 2024

A bright white boathouse doubles as the ultimate relaxation station

Design Inspiration for the Perfect Lake Life Getaway Read on for our lake home design ideas to transform your space into the relaxation zone of your dreams. Go ahead and pour yourself another glass of that summer shandy and enjoy! Summer days on the lake are about as Minnesota as it gets. Just think about […]

Are White Kitchens Timeless? Kitchen Design Ideas 2024

White kitchen coffee nook with black countertops and subway tile

Pros & Cons of an All-White Kitchen Look  Over the course of the past few years, we’ve all spent more time than ever before in our homes. And that means that some of the most popular design choices for design in recent times have been called into question. Is the fiddle leaf fig really still the […]

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