Unique 2024 Father’s Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad

Unique 2024 Father's Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad

Remote work is now part of our daily lives and for many fathers they have a less than ideal home office set-up. On Father’s Day, how about making his work space a cozy and stylish oasis? Read on for my Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the work from Home Dad round up! Show your dad or any father figure in your life how much you appreciate them with these top picks.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad in 2024

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Whether you’re planning ahead or scrambling for a last-minute idea, this guide has something for every work-from-home dad. Plus, with fast shipping, you can get these awesome gifts delivered just in time!

Eyewear Stand: A Stylish Solution for the Home Office

Is he always looking for his reading glasses? Then, get him an stylish and organized eyewear stand. It’s perfect for keeping his desk tidy. Plus, it makes his home office look snazzy!

eyewear-stand-Unique 2024 Father's Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad
Craighill Eyewear Stand

Modern Lighting for the Remote Office

As more people work from home, good lighting is crucial. This Father’s Day, why not add stylish lighting to make Dad’s home office comfy AND efficient. From modern desk lamps to stylish floor lights, these options brighten up his workspace and make it more functional and inviting. Perfect for dads who want a well-lit and put-together home office.

Pharmacy Style Floor Lamp: Functional and Chic

pharmacy-style-floor-lamp-Unique 2024 Father's Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad
O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Light up his office with a perfect mix of function and style. This pharmacy style floor lamp does more than just light up his desk. It also brings a cool retro look to his office. This is a great Father’s Day gift that’s both practical and stylish.

Modern Desk Lamp: Enhancing Productivity and Style

Oblique Integrated USB Desk Lamp

This oblique desk lamp is a great father’s day gift for 2024. It’s sleek and includes an integrated USB-C port for charging devices, and an optional wireless charging base that allows Qi-enabled devices to be charged wirelessly. The round flat head can rotate up to 355 degrees!

Modern Floor Lamp: Illuminating the Home Office

modern-black-floor-lamp-Unique 2024 Father's Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad
Z-Bar Gen 4 Tunable Floor Lamp

Another top choice for father’s day gifts in 2024 is the Z-Bar Gen 4 Tunable floor lamp. With multiple finish options it fits well in any home office. Its adjustable design provides versatile lighting options with its ability to adjust the light color temperature and an occupancy sensor. . It’s a smart father’s day gift idea for dads who are now office-bound at home.

Tech Accessories for the Multitasking Father

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad: Streamlining Convenience

3-in-1-desk-charger-Unique 2024 Father's Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad
3 in 1 Wireless Charging Pad

For dads working from home and always busy, the right tech gear can really help. The 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad is a key item. It lets him charge his phone, watch, and earbuds all in one spot. This means less mess on his desk and easier device handling. He’ll always be charged and ready for the day.

Personalized Touches for Dad

Ripple Bottle Opener

Ripple Opener

A bottle opener is a fun and useful Father’s Day gift for a work-from-home dad. He can easily open a soda during a break or enjoy a beer after work. Also comes in brass or vapor black!

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MagicMakers Neck Massager with Heat

heated-neck-massager-Unique 2024 Father's Day Gifts for the Work From Home Dad
MagicMakers Neck Massager

For the dad who spends long hours at his home office desk, the MagicMakers Neck Massager with Heat is a fantastic Father’s Day gift. This electric Shiatsu deep kneading back massager offers soothing relief for tired muscles and helps alleviate stress. With its adjustable intensity levels and optional heat function, it provides a customized massage experience tailored to Dad’s needs. Compact and portable, it’s perfect for use at home or even on the go. Ideal for dads who prioritize self-care and relaxation amidst their busy work schedules.

Fixer of All Things Coffee Mug

Fixer of All Things Mug

For the dad who’s the go-to fixer-upper, a “Fixer of All Things” mug is a fun (and economical) Father’s Day gift. Whether he’s tinkering in the garage or offering advice, it celebrates him in a lighthearted way. It’s a fun and functional gift that Dad will appreciate with every sip of his favorite beverage.

Books for Dad

For the work-from-home dad who loves to read or display on a coffee table or bookshelf, a good book that reflect his interests can be a perfect 2024 Father’s Day gift.

Formula 1: The Impossible Collection Paperback Book

Formula 1 – The Impossible Collection

The Formula 1: The Impossible Collection makes an awesome gift. If he’s a fan of car racing or just likes beautiful books, he’ll love it. It’s packed with amazing photos and highlights of the sport.

Dressing The Man, Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

Dressing The Man – Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

For the work-from-home dad who still values looking sharp, “Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion” makes a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. This book is perfect for dads who appreciate timeless style and want to elevate their wardrobe, even while working remotely. It offers expert advice on creating a versatile and sophisticated wardrobe that can boost confidence and professionalism, whether he’s on a video call or has a business event.

Porshe 911 – 50 Years

Porshe 911- 50 Years

For the car enthusiast dad, “Porsche 911: 50 Years” is a fantastic Father’s Day gift that celebrates one of the most iconic sports cars in history. This beautifully illustrated book delves into the rich legacy of the Porsche 911, covering its evolution over five decades with stunning photographs and fascinating stories. It’s a perfect addition to his home office coffee table or bookshelf for dads who love cars.

West – The American Cowboy

West – The American Cowboy

Treat your Wild West loving dad to this exceptional fine art photography book. He’ll love the author/photographer’s unique storytelling along with other heart felt contributions about the American cowboy/cowgirl and rodeo communities, the horse and cattle ranches, and the remarkable landscape of America’s Wild West.

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Cal Bookend

Cal Bookends

A clean, architectural solution for keeping your prized volumes upright and organized! Multiple finishes. Read more on this interesting caltrop design HERE!

For the Coffee Loving Dad

Smeg Retro Coffee Maker: Brewing in Style

Smeg Retro Coffee Maker

For the work-from-home dad who cherishes his coffee ritual, the Smeg Retro Coffee Maker is an ideal Father’s Day gift. Combining vintage charm with modern functionality, this coffee maker not only brews the perfect cup but also adds a touch of style to a home office or kitchen. Any coffee-loving dad who appreciates both aesthetics and convenience will love this delightful and practical gift.

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Moka Pot Italian Coffee Maker

For the dad who enjoys the art of traditional coffee brewing, the Moka Pot Italian Coffee Maker is a perfect Father’s Day gift. This classic coffee maker brews rich, aromatic espresso on the stovetop, offering an authentic taste of Italy right at home.

Comfort and Style for the Home Office

Modern Power Recliner: Not Your Dad’s Recliner

As working from home continues, making a comfy and stylish home office is vital. This year, think about giving the dad in your life an updated modern power recliner It’s a step up from the usual recliner, boosting both his work and relaxation time.

The days of old, big, and ugly recliners are over. This power recliner is not only comfy but also looks good in a home office. It moves easily from sitting up to laying back with a push of a button. This makes it perfect for dads who work long hours from home.

Ebern Designs Power Recliner

Home Decor for the Tasteful Father

Is your dad working from home and loves style? A great gift can make his work area special. Give him cool artwork or a nice rug. These 2024 father’s day gifts are perfect for dads who like unique gifts for dad.

Pastoral Landscape Art: Bringing Nature Indoors

Rare Edition Fine Art Prints – Hayes Valley II 

For the dad looking to add a touch of tranquility to his workspace, a rare edition serene pastoral landscape art makes a wonderful Father’s Day gift. These picturesque scenes bring a sense of calm and inspiration, creating a peaceful ambiance amidst the daily hustle. Whether he prefers a classic painting or a modern print, art will enhance his office décor and provide a refreshing escape.

Amber Lewis x Loloi Morgan Denim/Multi Rug

Looking for something to make his office stylish? The Amber Lewis area rug is great. I love the deep masculine colors. It adds a classy touch and makes the room feel cozy.

Amber Lewis x Loloi Morgan Denim/Multi Rug

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Chris Loves Julia Checkerboard Rug

For the dad who loves modern decor, the Chris Loves Julia checker style rug is a perfect Father’s Day gift. Its sleek black and beige design adds style to his office space, making a bold statement effortlessly. Ideal for dads who appreciate simple yet striking home accents.

Chris Loves Julia Checkerboard Rug

Outdoor Relaxation for the Remote Worker

The work-from-home dad loves the perks of remote work. It’s key to offer him chances for outdoor relaxation. A perfect 2024 father’s day gift for this is the Outdoor Lounge Chair.

Outdoor Lounge Chair for Coffee Breaks

Kavala Outdoor Lounge Chair

The Outdoor Lounge Chair is comfy and stylish. It gives the dad gifts a break from his desk to enjoy outside. Perfect for a coffee break or thoughtful moments during the work, it’s among the cool gifts for fathers.

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Leisure Activities for Work-Life Balance

Pickleball Paddle Set

Elevate your dad’s break time with a pickleball paddle set, perfect for those moments when he needs to step away from the screen and get active. This set includes lightweight, durable paddles designed for all skill levels, making it an excellent way for dads to enjoy some friendly competition. Pickleball provides a much-needed physical and mental break from the home office routine.

Dinkly Pickleball Set

Travel Backgammon Set: Portable Entertainment

Travel Backgammon Set

For the dad who enjoys strategy games on-the-go, a Travel Backgammon Set is a great Father’s Day gift. Compact and durable, it provides endless entertainment whether he’s traveling or at home. Ideal for dads who appreciate classic games.

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Our 2024 Work From Home Father’s Day Gifts roundup offers a mix of practical and fun options to level up your dad’s home office or daily routine. From cool tech gadgets to personalized items and stylish decor, these gifts will help him stay comfortable and productive.


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