E-Design – How it Works…AND Saves You Time and Money

Hello 21st Century! These days, (thank you, technology) you can hire an Interior Designer independent of your location. Therefore, please allow me to tell you about E-Design, how it works and how it will save you valuable time and money.

Are you willing to do some of the heavy lifting (like measuring, installing, etc.)? If the answer is a resounding YES, then you’re in luck!

Thanks to modern marvels such as a high-speed Internet connection, Interior Designers can provide an affordable custom design experience so that anyone can receive professional design services no matter where they live and without leaving their home. E-Design gives clients the benefit of faster, and more convenient interior design—all without losing that personal touch. Sounds pretty awesome about now, doesn’t it? #coronavirus

Let’s discuss…

The key appeal is that E-Design or Online Design is often quicker and also easier on the wallet than traditional full service interior design because no in-person visits are required. Clients can implement designs at their own pace…essentially, it’s part DIY and part professional expertise. Did I mention that there are no geographical boundaries? You can work with a designer who is located anywhere.

Most E-Design Services involve the client submitting comprehensive information to an interior designer over the web. By completing a simple (but detailed) questionnaire, providing space measurements, inspiration photos, budget requirements, and other documents you help the designer to articulate your ideas and vision. This important process ensures that clients thoughtfully define what they really want. Your interior designer then uses this direction to gather preferred styles, colors, fabrics, patterns, and so forth in order to create a design concept. Therefore, anyone who would like to dream up their ideal room, gets a little help to make it a reality.

Are all E-Design Services are created equal?

I’m glad you asked! Don’t waste your hard earned money or time on one of the big E-Design firms that spit out a room for a few hundred bucks. As the saying goes, you DO get what you pay for, and I like to call those “fast-food” design. Often the designers at these companies are inexperienced and receive a pittance to learn. Be sure to compare the deliverables… who’s doing the design, what will you receive, and what is their process?

Home Office Work From Home E-Design

Design By: A Brick Home

Online Design Services are not new to us…we have a strong process already in place. So… let’s get serious about your dream space!

Your first step is to choose a virtual design consultation service or the single Digital Work Session. Once you have purchased your service, you’ll have access to our Online Design Studio…our hub for all things relating to your project such as…

• Booking your appointment
• Filling out our questionnaire
• Sending messages
• Signing contracts
• Uploading before pictures
• Uploading inspiration pictures
• Access  your final design docs + recommendations
• Request and pay for additional design time as desired

Depending on your chosen level of E-Design, we may take a virtual home tour with you.

E-Design virtual home tour

 We use 3D modeling software to create beautiful renderings of your space during the E-Design process. 

White Kitchen E Design Rendering

Pheasant Ridge Road Kitchen Remodel   Design by: Carla Bast Design

Basement Bar Blue with Brick Wall E-Design Rendering

Wilds Overlook Basement   Design by: Carla Bast Design

White Master Bathroom E-Design Rendering

Nursery Drive Master Bathroom   Design by: Carla Bast Design.

With our Kitchen, Bathroom or Basement E-Design Services, you will receive a set of plans for your contractor, compete with 3D perspectives, elevations and fixture schedule. 

Basement Plan E-Design

A custom E-Design Mood Board with clickable shopping list makes it all so easy, saving you on time, money, and keeping your budget in check.

Living Room Mood Board E Design

Design by: Carla Bast Design

Now that I’ve shown you how easy it is, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our E-Design (online interior design) offerings.

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I’m glad you’re here! You are in the right place if you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of embarking on a remodeling or interior design project. Living with an outdated home and don’t know where to start? I’ve helped families like yours update their home and create spaces that reflect what’s important to them for over 25 years.

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  1. Hi Carla ~

    I really like how you explained things so clearly re: your edesign services and I love the idea of having a highly experienced professional interior designer take a virtual walk through of my home with me ..to help me see what I need to do!

  2. What a great outline of how edesign works for your clients. The steps and the benefits aren’t always obvious to homeowners. Thank you for taking us through that.

  3. Carla, you explained so clearly the advantages of working with an experienced interior designer for online design services. Your blog is informative and well done.

  4. Great summary of how Edesign works and the benefits to clients. Beautiful renderings. And, so true about how all Edesign is not created equal and you get what you pay for!!

  5. Great explanation of how you work and all your deliverables. Great renderings. You’re right – not all 3-design is alike and it seems as though you bring more value to the table.

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