8 TOP Mudroom Ideas for the Busy Family

Smart mudroom ideas to create a practical AND beautiful space

It’s the end of the day and everyone enters the house at once. They toss their backpacks on the floor. They pile their hats and coats on any nearby chair. Shoes form a knotted mess in the corner. If that sounds like your nightmare, this blog full of creative mudroom ideas is for you!

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The truth is that family mudrooms are essential spaces in a home. It’s critical to plan them well so there’s a space for every family member. The good news, though, is that creating a functional mudroom is absolutely attainable. Implement these ideas and you’ll be well on your way to a clutter-free home. Read on for our mudroom ideas for the busy family…

Easy to Access – Mudroom Ideas

1. Hooks, Hooks and More Hooks

Have you ever tried to (unsuccessfully) cram a million coats and bags into a hallway closet? Then you know that it just isn’t conducive to the needs of an activity-filled household. There never seem to be enough hangers and everything usually ends up on the floor by day’s end. That’s why one of our top mudroom ideas is to incorporate easy to access wall hooks.

black-and-white-mudroom-with-shelf-hooks-for-towelsIn this poolside lounge, a “mini mudroom” with plenty of hooks to hang towels, suits, and essentials, offers instant organization solutions. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

Not only can you fit so much more in a space, but everything is easily accessible and visible for everyone. No more fielding “Mom, where is my soccer bag” shouts. No more directing your significant other to the last place their briefcase was located. With a row of hooks, you can display everything with ease from dog leashes to backpacks. And that’s what we call magic. 

grey-mudroom-lockers-with-double-hooks-charging-station-drawersDouble hooks in each individual mudroom locker provide plenty of room for coats, hats, bags, and more for this busy family. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

Hooks make for convenient coat hanging while an adjacent desk allows for easy organization of daily family businessHooks make for convenient coat hanging while an adjacent desk allows for easy organization of daily family business. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

A coat rack with extra-large hooks make hanging daily essentials a breeze; because of their size, hooks like these allow for multiple jackets, hats, or bags to be easily acssesable. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

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2. Smart Mudroom Flooring Ideas

We call mudrooms “mudrooms” for a reason, of course. It’s the one spot in the house where the family can track in mud, grass, and snow. So, for this space, skip light rugs or easily damaged flooring. Go for hardier surfaces like tile or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile or Planks). The more you can truly make this a “mud” room, the better.

A view from the kitchen into the family mudroom shows the difference in flooring for each space. While the kitchen shines with hardwood floors, the mudroom uses a sturdy hexagon tile to protect against mud, water, and dirt. (Interior Design: Carla Bast)

This basement mudroom is meant for spilling in the back door with sports equipment and there’s plenty of space in the seating area to take off your muddy boots!

Sturdy flooring connects the kitchen and mudroom areas, while an additional rug layer protects the high-traffic mudroom floor from dirt and mud. Durable LVP flooring connects the kitchenette and mudroom areas, while an additional rug layer protects the high-traffic areas from dirt and mud. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

mudroom-with-modern-brown-floor-tile-and-cream-benchTiled floors – especially ones with natural color variations – are excellent choices for mudrooms since they’re hardy enough to handle daily wear and tear. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

A subtle patterned beige tile in this mudroom allows for quick cleanup of messes and hides dirt much better than a crisp white floor otherwise would.A subtle patterned beige tile in this mudroom allows for quick cleanup of messes and hides dirt much better than a crisp white floor otherwise would. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

3. Convenient Benches

Having a bench – small or large – in your mudroom is as essential as having a sofa in your living room. Everyone needs a spot to put on their shoes. A bench also serves as a temporary spot to set groceries or your bag down as you enter the house. Opt for a built-in or a stand-alone piece of furniture storage bench. Be sure to put this mudroom idea at the top of your list – it’ll make your life so much easier.

oak-and-red-mudroom-dog-bed-under-benchIn this small space mudroom, the built-in bench gets major space-saving kudos for working double duty as a space to sit with a dog bed underneath. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

mudroom-with-large-open-bench-under-windowA long bench space is a great spot to remove dirty shoes, while the floor space underneath provides extra storage space. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

bench-next-to-stairs-in-hallway-with-blue-wallsBenches are essential for getting shoes on and off each day, and with a few pillows in your color scheme, they’re guaranteed to be stylish to boot. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

grey-and-white-lvt-floor-with-grey-mudroom-lockersA sturdy bench makes this mudroom ultra functional day in and day out, and the convenient cubby holes underneath provide out-of-the-way storage for boots and shoes. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

Mudroom Storage Ideas

4. Drawers & Cabinets 

While it is possible to have a perfectly organized mudroom, we’ll admit that with a busy family in tow, it’s not quite realistic to expect it to be picture perfect at all times. That’s why ensuring you have a few drawers, cabinets, baskets, and catchall spaces to quickly tuck away odds and ends and extra mess is a must. Got company coming over unexpectedly? Throw it all behind a closed door. Finally get a chance to put away the kids’ shoes after bedtime, but don’t have the energy for a full clean? Toss them in a basket and call it a day. Deep cleans aren’t necessarily every day, and simple organizational storage space will work wonders.

mudroom-hallway-with-built-in-storage-and-benchExtensive hallways cabinets allow for a convenient mudroom space without any visual clutter or mess involved. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

mudroom-laundry-room-with-pet-food-storage-pull-out-dog-dog-dishThis mudroom – laundry room duo provides more than enough cabinet storage for all of the family essentials, including a dog food drawer and a hidden built-in kennel. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

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off-white-mudroom-lockers-with-storage-basketsWith an adjacent kitchen countertop and cabinets, in addition to overhead open shelving with simple and stylish baskets, this mudroom area has plenty of space to tuck away messes and clutter in a cinch. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

grey-and-white-mudroom-nook-with-wall-hooks-and-basketThough this small mudroom-inspired corner doesn’t have cabinetry or drawers, an oversized basket on the floor provides a quick drop spot for any wet towels or cluttered elements that get in the way. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

5. Mudroom Calendar Corner

Every home typically has a space where we collect reminders, appointments, invitations, mail, and more. And that tends to be a corner of the kitchen counter. But why not dedicate a part of your mudroom area to those tasks and to-do lists instead? Something as straightforward as a wall calendar, whiteboard, or cork board will do the trick. Wall-mounted file folder containers or baskets are great, too, for tracking things like permission slips or bills.

built-in-desk-in-mudroom-with-bulletin-boardA built-in desk in this busy family mudroom is essential for keeping track of daily activities, and as a bonus, it provides an extra space for homework or work sessions. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

modern-dry-erase-calendar-with-wall-lights-in-mudroomThis stylish and modern wall-mounted dry-erase calendar is perfect for keeping track of upcoming appointments, activities, vacations, and due dates. / Source – wall calendar from Etsy shop DareToBeDomestic

open-shelves-with-baskets-in-mudroomOpen shelves with baskets provide an out-of-the-way drop zone for keys and other trinkets, allowing this family to stay organized no matter the daily chaos. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

Not only does this mudroom have LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) to protect against messes, but it also has a convenient drop zone countertop for mail, keys, and more, plus an outlet at the back of the lockers for an easy device charging station. Not only does this mudroom have LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) to protect against messes, but it also has a convenient drop zone countertop for mail, keys, and more, plus an outlet at the back of the lockers for an easy device charging station. (Interior Design: Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)

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6. Front Door “Mudroom”

A traditional mudroom is a great place to keep your front door clear and provide a functional space to keep outdoor gear, small items, and shoe storage away from the rest of the house. However, if you don’t have a dedicated space for a mudroom, you can still create one at your front door. A former coat closet space is a great way to create a small area to quickly hang coats and bags, we well as provide some visual appeal. It’s the first thing your guests will see when they come in, and it’s a great place to hang up their coat or tuck away shoes. By keeping your front door clear, you can make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels.

front door entry way mudroom bench

7. Create a Garage “Mudroom”

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work, only to be greeted by a doorway full of shoes and backpacks. But with a garage mudroom, you can keep the mess contained and make your home much more welcoming. A garage mudroom can be created in an alcove near the garage door. This is a great added storage area for smaller homes that can be used for shoes, coats, and any other outdoor gear. By keeping all of this gear in one place, you can prevent it from tracked throughout the rest of the home. Plus, a garage mudroom can also provide valuable storage space for things like sports equipment and holiday decorations.

closet maid garage mudroom

8. Go Vertical!

This mudroom is the perfect example of how to make the most of available vertical space. It features floor-to-ceiling storage and a rolling library ladder, as well as a built-in nook with cushion – perfect for lacing up shoes before heading out the door.

mudroom with tall vertical storage and ladder

So, are you ready to tackle your mudroom to give it the functional pizazz it so desperately needs? Ready to finally feel like there’s a bit of order to the family-filled chaos of everyday life? These great ideas are guaranteed to help, and as always, we’re here if you need a designer’s eye – after all, every home deserves a perfectly tailored mudroom so your entire family can function as smoothly as possible, no matter what’s on the calendar for the week.

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