Paint Color Trends for Summer

Choose Your Paint Color by Personality

Lake Home Bedroom in blue

Choosing the best paint color for your space is definitely a challenge. Will it be too bright? Bold? Subtle? Dark? Sometimes staring at that giant wall of paint swatches at the store can seem overwhelming.

The good news is that we’ve come up with a list of our favorite trending shades for summer, and we’ve made it easier than ever for you to select the right one. Simply pick your summer personality, then let yourself bask in the color inspiration. You’ll be wanting to repaint your whole house in no time.

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The Gardener

Soft greens, warm whites, and shades of rose and pink dominate this palette, and it’s no wonder why. Gardens have a special spot in our hearts (and yards), and what better way to incorporate those soft, yet bright, colors than to have them reflected on your walls? A subtle green can bring about calm and serenity, while a rose hue is the perfect blend of muted pink and romantic red, transforming your space into a cozy and inviting realm.

  1. Creamy by Sherwin Williams / 2. Copen Blue by Sherwin Williams / 3. Cascade Green by Sherwin Williams / 4. Dreamy Cloud by Benjamin Moore / 5. Pleasant Pink by Benjamin Moore / 6. Texas Rose by Benjamin Moore

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The Beach Bum

If your ideal summer includes spending every day soaking up the sun, diving into the waves, and joining a round of volleyball on the sand, then these colors are definitely for you. Bright teal blues give off ocean vibes while corals and yellows make us think of scuba diving between reef walls. Looking to balance out the bold? Add in some sand-inspired whites with a hint of beige, and you’re all set.

  1. Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams / 2. Butter by Sherwin Williams / 3. Coral Reef by Sherwin Williams / 4. Deep Poinsettia by Benjamin Moore / 5. Intense Teal by Sherwin Williams / 6. Georgian Bay by Sherwin Williams

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The Sailor

Blue is the front runner in this color wheel, and mixed with bright white, soft gray, and pale greens, you really can’t go wrong. These hues bring to mind afternoons sailing on the lake with a warm summer breeze rippling across the water, and make us think all things nautical. Ideal for pretty much any room – but especially calming and spa-like in a bathroom – these are paint options that are perfect for summer.

  1. White Opulence by Benjamin Moore / 2. Quicksilver by Sherwin Williams / 3. Silver Marlin by Benjamin Moore / 4. Blissful Blue by Sherwin Williams / 5. Notable Hue by Sherwin Williams / 6. Sporty Blue by Sherwin Williams

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The Hiker

Camping lovers, this color collection is your ideal match. Inspired by colors along the hiking trail, you’ll find everything from mossy greens to muted whites, and by opting for one of these, you’ll feel right at home. Why let the outdoors have all the fun? Incorporate your favorite summer activity into your house and enjoy the beauty of the woods – rain or shine.

  1. Moonshine by Benjamin Moore / 2. Incredible White by Sherwin Williams / 3. Alpaca by Sherwin Williams / 4. Garden Sage by Sherwin Williams / 5. Relentless Olive by Sherwin Williams / 6. Sharkskin by Benjamin Moore

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The Dockside Lounger

Does your perfect evening include sitting at the end of the dock with a blanket and a glass of wine, watching the sunset until it dips below the horizon? Then you don’t want to miss these colors. A combination of deep reds, calming blues, and soft grays, you’ll be reminded of those relaxing nights time and again when you glance at your walls. Just remember to have a bottle at the ready because we can’t promise you won’t want to pour another glass.

  1. Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams / 2. Bracing Blue by Sherwin Williams / 3. Wolf Gray by Benjamin Moore / 4. Cherry Wine by Benjamin Moore / 5. Cranberry Cocktail by Benjamin Moore / 6. Framboise by Sherwin Williams

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So, are you a hiker or a beach bum? Do you prefer sailing or lounging on the pier? Whatever your summer go-to hobbies are, let them inspire your next paint makeover. Your fresh new room will feel exactly the way you dreamed it would.


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