Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, HC-154: Paint Color Review

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No matter what the current trends are, navy blue will always be in style. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154, is one of those tried-and-true dark blue hues that I swear by. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, to me, is PERFECTION in navy blue. This is one deep blue paint color you’ll want to check out!

hale-navy-cabinets-in-bar-benjamin-moore-hale-navy-paint-color-reviewDesign by Carla Bast

Hale Navy has become one of the most popular paint colors in recent years. It is a workhorse in terms of versatility. Hale Navy is part of Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors collection, and one of their all-time best-selling colors. The palette is made up of familiar colors used in American architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries. These hues have a classic and timeless quality to them that I love.

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What Color Is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Paint?

Despite Hale Navy having primarily gray undertones, it still maintains its true navy-blue color. It does have the slightest hint of green undertones as well. The tiny bit of green in this dark navy keeps it from leaning into a purple undertone. Its various hues create a sophisticated, dependable shade of navy that I adore! Read on why Hale Navy is a popular choice and a perfect navy color!

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Is Hale Navy warm or cool?

Warm and cool tones in BM Hale Navy make this color extremely flexible, working well not only in cool-toned rooms, but in warmer-toned rooms. Hale Navy is a color that acts as a transitional color and a neutral, adding color, yet pairing well with paint colors that have either a cool or warm undertone to them.

Pair Hale Navy with white accents in a room that gets lots of light to pull out that deep rich blue hue.

 Do you have a room with cool tones or faces north? Hale Navy will look stunning in those spaces by bringing out the dark nature of Hale Navy and its grey undertones. Additionally, in low-light situations, Hale Navy has a substantially darker tone than many blue paint hues, almost looking charcoal.


Shawn St. Peter Photography

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What is the LRV of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy?

The LRV of Hale Navy is 8.36 which means it’s a relatively dark color. This makes it perfect for creating a dramatic look in a room. It’s a great choice for an accent wall and rooms with little natural light.

What is LRV?

“LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, is a measurement commonly used by design professionals—such as architects and interior designers—that expresses the percentage of light reflected from a surface. LRVs range from 0-100, with 100 being pure white and 0 being absolute black.” – Benjamin Moore

Because LRV affects how a color looks in a space, it is VERY important to consider when choosing a color. If you want a color to appear lighter, choose a color with a higher LRV. If you want a color to appear darker, choose a color with a lower LRV.

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Where to use Hale Navy?

Hale Navy works with a nautical motif, a modern style, a classic style, a farmhouse design, and anything in between. It’s a timeless classic!

If you want to add just a pop of color to a room, say on an accent wall, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a great option to include in your color palette. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy works great as a main wall color throughout your space, or a cabinet color!

Wherever you choose to use it, it will exude refinement and sophistication. It is VERY versatile!

Hale Navy Accent Color



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When used as an accent color, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy can add depth and dimension to a room, adding a pop of color to a neutral space.


A pop of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy on the kitchen island ties in with the blue mosaic tile backsplash.

Hale Navy Room



For a bolder look, try painting all four walls in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. As the main color, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy creates a dramatic and sophisticated look.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Cabinets

Is Hale Navy too Dark for Kitchen Cabinets?

Even though Hale Navy is a deep and moody hue, it’s an excellent color for cabinets – giving a sense elegance to a room. Despite it’s LRV, the glossier sheen typically used on cabinets helps Hale Navy to maintain the beauty of the blue.


Hale Navy looks SO good with light to medium wood tones. Source

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Hale Navy Cabinet Hardware Colors

I personally am a huge fan of the warmth of brass tones or “Champagne Bronze” with Hale Navy as well as the warm sparkle of polished nickel. However, stainless and chrome finishes also look lovely. The key is to contrast with the deep blue, so the hardware and fixtures stand out.

I just love the look of champagne bronze hardware on Hale Navy!


In this sun-filled kitchen, the warmth of the brass and natural maple wood contrast so beautifully with Hale Navy. Source

Hale Navy Bathroom Vanity


Design by: Carla Bast

Chrome hardware and fixtures add a lovely sparkle to this Hale Navy bathroom vanity, while the warm neutral wall paint creates a soft balance.

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Hale Navy Wet Bar


Benjamin Moore Hale Navy on warm terra cotta colored brick: Design by: Carla Bast

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Even with dark wood floors, the deep blue tone of Hale Navy stands out. Design by: Carla Bast

Want more information on details on this popular basement finish?


A combination of rustic wood, and crisp white counters pair well with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy in this basement wet bar. Design by: Carla Bast


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Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Front Door

Make a strong statement and add curb appeal to your home with Hale Navy. If you’re thinking about painting your front door Hale Navy, we recommend testing it out with peel and stick real paint samples next to your existing exterior colors first, in the daylight, and also at night with your exterior lights on. An accent color creates a beautiful contrast that will make your front door pop.



Benjamin Moore Hale Navy House Exterior with White Trim

Go big on blue! Hale Navy is a great choice for an exterior paint color. It’s a great color for creating a bold and modern look.



What colors go with Nale Navy?

BM Hale Navy is a classic hue that looks great in almost any most color scheme. Some colors that go well with Hale Navy are white, greige (grey beige), and grey. Using these colors together creates balance and interest.

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Peel & Stick Paint Samples – HERE!

Get your peel & stick paint sample (real paint) of Hale Navy – HERE!

What white goes with Hale Navy?

If you’re choosing a white paint color for wall colors or trim work with BM Hale Navy, you’re not limited to a creamy white or a cool, crisp white. After all, Hale Navy has perfect mix of warm and cool tones, so it plays nicely alongside most any white.

Here are two of my favorites!

Hale Navy and White Dove

White Dove, OC-17 has just enough creaminess to it to make it feel warm and inviting, while still maintaining a rich feel. Pairing these two colors together will give your space a classic and timeless look.


Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of White Dove – HERE!

Hale Navy and Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace OC-65 is a pure, crisp, and clean white that is on the cooler side. It pairs beautifully with Hale Navy for a sophisticated look. I prefer it for the interior only.


Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Chantilly Lace – HERE!

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Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Complimentary Colors

All things considered, if you love Hale Navy, then you’ll want to know what paint colors will compliment it! Here are a few of my favorites – for walls, for trim, for cabinets, or anything you want to pair alongside Hale Navy…

Hale Navy and Revere Pewter


Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Revere Pewter – HERE!

Hale Navy and Edgecomb Gray


Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Edgecomb Gray – HERE!

Hale Navy and Agreeable Grey


Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Agreeable Grey – HERE!

Hale Navy and Stonington Grey


Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Stonington Grey – HERE!

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Be sure to check out our other paint color reviews for more inspiration.

I hope you found my review of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy helpful and inspirational. Please share your Hale Navy Projects in the comments!

Don’t forget your peel & stick (real) paint samples – HERE!


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  1. Great post! I also love Hale Navy and have used it on both home interiors and painted furniture.
    I enjoy reading your color reviews! It makes me want to try them all! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Shelley, for your kind words! Hale Navy really makes furniture pieces pop and make a statement in a room!

  2. thanks for the info….i have agreeable gray basement and was thinking of using it as an accent wall…..i just got the sample …its really dark!..i dont know if i have the guts .. i think it would go nicely thou .i have check it out in the daylight !

  3. I completely agree with your assessment of Hale Navy! I recently painted my living room this color and I’m absolutely in love with it. The depth and richness of the color are just stunning, and it’s such a versatile shade that works well with a variety of decor styles. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this beautiful paint color!

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