The Best Pink Paint Colors for A Girl’s Bedroom

Pale pink girl's bedroom that shows the beauty of layering multiple patterns and textures in the same shade. bes-pink-bedroom-colorsThis traditional girl’s bedroom layers a variety of textures and prints in blush pink colors for a beautiful and classic design.

Our Favorite Pink Paint Colors to Make a Girl’s Room Pop

It doesn’t get much more quintessential for a girl’s room than head-to-toe pink decor. But how do you choose the right pink hue? Pinks, when done tastefully, can add a whimsical and fresh vibe to children’s rooms. For kids, it’s a great color and an especially fun shade to play with. Too saturated or loud, though, (think hot pinks and bright colors), and you’ve got a room that isn’t restful. That’s opposite of what we we’re going for in a bedroom.

The best colors add a subtle pop of pink without it being the sole focal point in the room. This ensures your little girls bedroom design is tasteful and works with the rest of your home’s style. (Need help narrowing down your home style? Take our quiz!

To help you get started on choosing the right shade, read on. Our must-have round up of pink hues will make your paint selection process a cinch. Let’s dive in on pink color schemes to help you choose the best paint color palette for a pink bedroom.

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Pink paint color swatches for a girl's bedroom


Pale Pinks

Classic in every way, you simply can’t go wrong with a pale pink shade. Unlike its bolder and more saturated cousins, pale pink is inherently soft and understated. These soft blush tones live in the pastel realm and can easily work with a multitude of other colors on the color wheel.

Pale-pink-best-pink-bedroom-colorsBy using an dusty pink on the walls of this girl’s bedroom, it allows for pops of blue, green, and gold to seamlessly blend together for a contemporary look.

Pink and white girl's bedroom with classic decorSoft blush walls with a touch of peach in this nursery paired with white and pink decor gives the room a sweet and dreamy aesthetic, perfect for both playtime and naps.

Pale pink walls with all-white bedding and textiles make for a girl’s bedroom that encourages play and creativity, while still feeling relaxing for bedtime.

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Our Pale Pink Picks for a Girl’s Bedroom:

Benjamin Moore, Pink Peony 2078-70

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Pink Peony – HERE!

Benjamin Moore, Pink Ribbon 2087-60

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Pink Ribbon – HERE!

Neutral Pinks

Can pink really be considered a neutral color? Yes! But it all comes down to the shade. Obviously, a hot pink is much more difficult to pair with other colors. But an ultra-subtle pink that reads almost cream or beige can absolutely feel like a neutral base in your space. If you like a more pared-down neutral palette with warm undertones in your house, this is a great choice! Lighter pinks with just a touch of brown are the perfect solution because they feel muted and streamlined, but still allow your girl’s bedroom design to be fun and kid friendly.

Brown-infused neutral pink proves that pink can be a subtle colorA brown-infused neutral pink on the walls of this bedroom allows the occasional saturated pop of pale pink in the play kitchen to shine.

You may have heard a lot about Millennial pink as one of the more popular colors for pink rooms, decor, and fashion in recent years. “Millennial pink,” is named for the generation of twenty- and thirty-somethings who became obsessed with it, posting on Instagram and other social media. Sherwin Williams has these color recommendations that fall within the category of dulled down pinks.

A soft pink paint color is a great option for powder rooms, the master bedroom, and as an accent color in the living room or dining room and for bedroom paint colors.

Monochrome neutral pink girl's bedroomUsing a subtle neutral pink on the walls of this bedroom gives the entire space a modern and Scandinavian feel, allowing the room to seamlessly work with the rest of the home’s style and aesthetic.

Our Neutral Pink Picks for a Girl’s Bedroom:

Benjamin Moore, Cream Puff 2174-70

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Cream Puff – HERE!

Benjamin Moore, Bridal Pink 2013-70 

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Bridal Pink – HERE!

Benjamin Moore, First Light 2102-70

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of First Light – HERE!

Peachy & Purple-Infused Pinks

Do you have a kiddo who really wants a true pink on their walls? Are you worried about them choosing a too-loud bubble gum pink that clashes with everything? We hear you. And we have a solution for choosing the perfect shade. The trick to getting a saturated pink paint color without it feeling outdated is to move into either peach or purple territory.

If you can get a shade that leans towards peach and orange, it will make your girl’s bedroom feel warm, inviting, and almost tropical. On the other hand, opting for a shade with purple undertones will keep things more “traditional” in terms of pink. Plus, allowing a touch of purple into the mix ensures the entire space feels cooler and more toned down overall. Both can be beautiful, and will undoubtedly make your child happy each and every day.

A girl's bedroom with peachy pink wallsA girl’s bedroom with peachy-pink walls adds a tropical and playful vibe to the space, and as long as it’s balanced out with plenty of neutrals, it feels intentional and stylish.

modern purple pink girl's bedroom. best-pink-bedroom-colorsPurple-pink walls in this girls’ bedroom are whimsical, yet pared down thanks to the infusion of greys, whites, and wood tones.

Our Peachy-Purple Pink Picks for a Girl’s Bedroom:

Benjamin Moore, Pink Begonia 2078-50

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Pink Begonia – HERE!

Benjamin Moore, Bed of Roses 1318

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Bed of Roses – HERE!

Deep Pinks

When it comes to pink, you don’t have to go the pastel or lighter shade route. In fact, you can get the same pink aesthetic, but with a splash of mature style added in. Deep pinks are what we’re referring to, of course, and more specifically, pinks with a mauve or red undertone. These more moody and muted hues are perfect for creating a space that is cozy year round.

Not only do pinks like these tend to elevate a room’s style in general, but they also make the room much easier to transition as your child grows up. A deep pink is much more “adult” in terms of style, so it can help them to feel independent and mature. Of course, there’s also the fact that a deep and moody pink is far easier to balance visually. You can contrast its darker shade with pops of light pink, or keep things streamlined with wood textures and neutral bedding and furniture.

Deep pink walls in girl's bedroomA deep mauve pink paint color on the walls of this little girl’s bedroom make the space feel warm and restful, and the moody paint hue allows for seamless infusions of lighter pops of color.

Our Deep Pink Picks for a Girl’s Bedroom:

Benjamin Moore, Strawberry 2085-50

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Strawberry – HERE!

Benjamin Moore, Pink Popsicle 2001-40

Get your peel & stick (real) paint sample of Pink Popsicle – HERE!

The key to infusing the best pink color into a girl’s room is to create a sense of balance. Avoid using the exact same shade of pink on every surface of your decor. Instead, use on the bedroom walls or as an accent wall and incorporate complementary colors and textures throughout. Neutrals and a variety of pink hues that contrast with your walls is the best way to create the perfect balance.

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  1. Years ago I did a pale pink children’s bedroom with fuchsia and teal blue bedding and window treatments and it was such a happy space – but as you say, still restful due to the paleness of the walls. Fun post!

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