23 Best Gray Paint Colors for Cabinets by Sherwin Williams

Gray has surged in popularity as a top pick for kitchen cabinets, with good reason! It’s remarkedly versatile and neutral, working with any color palette or design scheme. Yet, deciding between gray paint colors for your cabinets is no small feat; it’s a delicate dance between warm undertones, cool undertones, light gray, and dark gray. In this post I am featuring some of the best gray paint for cabinets by Sherwin Williams.

Design by Carla Bast

From the cozy embrace of warm grays to the crisp allure of cool grays, we’ll navigate the spectrum of light to dark hues. Elevate your kitchen with my curated Sherwin Williams selections, ensuring a harmonious blend within your unique design vision!

Why choose gray for your cabinets?

Lake House Kitchen with Charcoal Cabinets and wood flooring
Design by Carla Bast

Timeless Elegance:

Gray is a neutral color that exudes a timeless and elegant feel. 


Gray comes in various shades and undertones, offering a wide range of options to suit different kitchen styles and color schemes. Whether you prefer a warm or cool gray, you can find a shade that complements your overall kitchen design.

Flexibility with Other Colors:

Gray cabinets serve as an excellent neutral backdrop, allowing you to experiment with different accent colors in the kitchen. You may want to add pops of vibrant hues or opt to stick to a monochromatic palette, either way, gray provides a versatile canvas.

Updated Mudroom with Grey Lockers and LVT floor
Mudroom Lockers in Sherwin Williams, Cityscape SW 7067 / Design by Carla Bast

Brightening Effect:

Most lighter shades of gray can help brighten up a kitchen, especially if there is not a lot of natural light in your space. 

Easy to Coordinate:

Gray is a color that effortlessly coordinates with a variety of materials and finishes. If you have stainless steel appliances, natural stone countertops, or wood flooring; gray cabinets can complement these elements seamlessly.

Conceals Wear and Tear

Gray tends to be a little more forgiving than white cabinets when it comes to concealing smudges. 

A neutral finished basement with a spacious island bar for the entire family to enjoy
The warm tones in these deep gray cabinets are showcased by the soft neutral paint color on the walls. / Design by Carla Bast

Adaptable to Trends:

Gray is a color that can adapt to changing design trends. If you decide to update other elements of your kitchen and possibly adjoining living room in the future, gray cabinets can easily integrate into different styles and color palettes.

Creates a Soothing Atmosphere:

Colors can have psychological effects, and gray is often associated with feelings of stability, balance, and calm.

Beautiful hues of gray found in nature can evoke a sense of tranquility.

Increases Resale Value

Neutral colors such as gray, are generally more appealing to a broader audience. If you decide to sell your home, gray kitchen cabinets may contribute to increased resale value by providing a neutral and stylish backdrop for potential buyers.

The cool tones of this gray-blue hue on these lower cabinets stands out against the warm white backdrop in this small kitchen.

First, let’s chat about gray and how choosing the right shade can make or break your space.

Choosing the right shade of gray for your own home can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere and aesthetic. Gray is a versatile and neutral color, BUT, it can evoke various moods depending on its undertones, saturation, and the lighting in your space. 

Too cool or too warm undertones might clash with your home’s existing decor and finishes, creating a disjointed look. It’s crucial to consider the natural light in the kitchen, as well as the colors of the flooring and countertops, to ensure that the chosen grey complements your home and design scheme.

A gray color with cool tones on this kitchen island and perimeter cabinets contrast beautifully with crisp white floors and countertops.

7 Key considerations for selecting the right gray cabinet color for your space:

1. Undertones Matter!

Mastering the perfect gray is all about choosing the undertone you’re in for – gray doesn’t do subtle; it’s throwing an undertone party, whether you RSVP or not! Gray is sneaky just like white, it can have undertones of blue, green, and violet. It’s crucial to consider these undertones, as they can influence the overall feel of the room. For example, a warm gray with undertones might create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while a cool gray with blue undertones might feel more modern and crisp.

Graphic encaustic cement floor tile takes this basement bathroom up a notch and elevates its style in a modern and fresh way. (Interior Design by Carla Bast | Carla Bast Design)
Design by Carla Bast

2. Natural Lighting & Artificial Lighting:

   – The amount of natural or artificial light in your space can significantly impact how a gray looks. Even the most neutral shade of gray can look like a totally different color and be influenced by the view of the landscaping outside the window. The direction the room faces (a north-facing room, south-facing room, east-fa, west) as well as the existing interior furnishings, will need to be considered when making your final decision for a cabinet color.


3. Room Size and Function:

  – The size and function of the room should also guide your choice of gray. Darker grays can create a sense of intimacy and coziness in larger spaces, while lighter grays can open up smaller rooms, making them feel more spacious.

4. Complementary Colors:

   – Consider the other colors in your space, including furniture, decor, and flooring. The right gray should complement these elements rather than clash with them. Earthy tones, pastels, or bold accent colors can work well with different shades of gray.

If you don’t want an all white kitchen, try a contrasting medium shade of gray on the lower cabinets and full-height cabinets. Touches of earthy tones in the countertop and stone keep this kitchen warm and inviting.

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5. Contrast and Accents:

   – Pay attention to the level of contrast you want to achieve. Darker grays can be paired with lighter furnishings and accents to create a striking contrast, while a monochromatic scheme with varying shades of gray can offer a more subtle and cohesive look.

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6. Test Samples:

   – Before committing to a specific gray, it’s advisable to test paint samples on your walls. Observing how the color looks in your specific space and lighting conditions will help you make a more informed decision.


Look no further than SAMPLIZE! Using a peel and stick paint sample is cleaner, easier to use, more affordable, AND more environmentally friendly.


Here’s why I recommend SAMPLIZE to my clients:

1. Cost-Effective: They’re more budget-friendly than traditional methods, which often require purchasing sample pots, rollers, and tag boards.

2. Easy to Use: Keep your Samplize samples on their white paper backing and you can effortlessly move them around the room to see how they look in different lighting conditions.

3. Speedy Delivery: Samplize samples arrive at your doorstep in just one day, depending on your location.

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE to explore their range of options.

7. Consider the Mood:

   – Think about the mood or ambiance you want to create in the room. A soft, muted gray may lend itself well to a calming and serene atmosphere, while a bold, dark gray can create drama and sophistication.

Light Gray vs Dark Gray Paint Colors for Cabinets (which is best)?

When choosing between a light gray or a dark gray paint color for your kitchen cabinets, it often boils down to the ambiance you want to create in the space. Light gray cabinets provide a sense of airiness and can make a room feel more spacious, especially in smaller kitchens or areas with limited natural light. On the other hand, dark gray cabinets can add depth and drama to a room, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Design by Carla Bast

They are particularly striking when paired with contrasting countertops or hardware, making a bold statement in both traditional and contemporary settings. Ultimately, the choice between light and dark gray cabinets depends on the desired mood, style preferences, and overall design scheme of the space.

23 Best Gray Paints for Cabinets by Sherwin Williams:

Gray Paint Colors with Green Undertones

Gray-greens can be a bit tricky. If it’s cool-toned, it’s going to lean more towards green-blue and may even look like a shade of mint. A gray-green with some warmth will have a bit of yellow that can lean into greige.

1. Worldly Gray, SW 7043

Kitchen cabinetry in Worldly Gray / Source

2. Colonnade Gray, SW 7641

Colonnade Gray with black pulls contrast with soft white walls. / Source

Get your peel & stick (real paint) sample of these Sherwin Williams colors – HERE!

3. Amazing Gray, SW 7044

Amazing Gray cabinets on the perimeter of this kitchen are paired with Sherwin Williams – Urbane Bronze SW7048 on the kitchen island. Design by Carla Bast

Gray Paint Colors with Violet Undertones

Gray-violet or gray with purple undertones is often considered the quintessential gray.

These shades can have a grounded-stormy feel with cool variations leaning a bit blue. Despite its coolness, grays with violet undertones can also offer a touch of warmth, making it a versatile option!

Working with Honey Oak wood tones in your floors and trim color? Stay away from grays with a purple undertone.

The clash between purple and the orange tones in the wood creates an unappealing contrast. I prefer gray hues with green undertones or greige to ensure a seamless blend with the warmth of honey oak for a cohesive space and great color balance.

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4. Repose Gray, SW 7015

Repose Gray with touches of gold and rustic wood elements against pure white walls. / Source

5. Light French Gray, SW 0055

Light French Gray cabinets, white walls, and warm wood touches. / Source

6. Grayish, SW 6001


7. Requisite Gray, SW 7023

Requisite Gray kitchen paired with marble counters and white subway tile. / Source

Gray Paint Colors with Blue Undertones

These are considered cool and often the most popular choice.

These shades can transition between a cool, refreshing feel and a more serene, earthy atmosphere. At times, it might even flirt with a hint of violet, depending on the lighting and surroundings.

Additionally, gray-blue paint may occasionally reveal a subtle touch of green, contributing to a softer overall aesthetic.

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8. First Star, SW 7646


9. Gray Clouds, SW 7658


10. Passive, SW 7064


Get your peel & stick (real paint) samples of these Sherwin Williams gray colors – HERE!

11. Gray Screen, SW 7071


12. Big Chill, SW 7648


Get your peel & stick (real paint) samples of these Sherwin Williams colors – HERE!

13. Tinsmith, SW 7657


How about a lovely greige color for kitchen cabinets?

Greige, the perfect fusion of gray and beige, has become a popular choice in interior design. This blend strikes a harmonious balance between the cool tones of gray and the warmth of beige, making it a versatile palette that suits various styles. Greige paints effortlessly adapt to different lighting conditions, providing a neutral backdrop that enhances the visual appeal of any space. The charm of greige lies in its ability to exude sophistication and timelessness while creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Acting as a bridge between stark neutrals and bolder tones, greige offers a refined canvas for interior design, allowing furnishings and decor to shine. 

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14. Agreeable Gray, SW 7029

SW Agreeable Gray Kitchen / Source

15. Anew Gray, SW 7030

Warm and inviting kitchen with Anew Gray cabinetry, gold accents and warm wood floors. Source

16. Mindful Gray, SW 7016


Get your peel & stick (real paint) samples of the best grays for cabinets by Sherwin Williams – HERE!

Mindful Gray cabinets, stainless steel hardware and marble backsplash create a monochromatic scheme. Source

17. Perfect Greige, SW 6073


Embracing the Moody Trend: Dark Gray Paint Colors for Cabinets by Sherwin Williams

Design by Carla Bast

Darker shades of gray are in vogue for cabinets and walls alike. It’s a welcome move away from the white-on-white color scheme towards bold and dramatic choices in interior design. It’s a way to stay up-to-date in kitchen design, infusing a sense of sophistication and trendiness into the heart of the home.

Sherwin Williams’ standout dark grays:

18. Iron Ore, SW 7069

Iron Ore Home Bar Cabinets / Design by Carla Bast

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19. Gauntlet Gray, SW 7019

Gauntlet Gray Kitchen / Source

20. Dorian Gray, SW 7017


21. Tricorn Black, SW 6258

Going deep and dark gray with Tricorn Black / Source

22. Porpoise, SW7047


23. Web Gray, SW 7075


White Paint Colors for Walls with Gray Cabinets

Pairing a gray cabinet, (particularly a light gray), with white walls is a great option. It gives off a clean and crisp vibe, making the cabinets visually pop. Plus, white acts as a neutral background, letting you add colorful accessories or artwork without overwhelming the space.

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This combo of white walls, Amazing Gray cabinets and bright pops of red, creates a timeless and classy look. / Source

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Choosing the Right Hardware Color for Gray Cabinets

Choosing the right hardware finish for your gray cabinets is just as important as the shade of gray that you choose.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore with hardware finishes.

Use the 70/30 rule (or something close to that) as a guide. What is the 70/30 rule? Frist, choose a primary metal finish that will act as the focal point for your design. This may be a finish already existing in the surrounding spaces such your plumbing fixtures or light fixtures. Secondly, choose an accent metal finish that will enhance the space. Perhaps matte black or stainless steel?

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Gold hardware will give your gray kitchen a highly refined, elegant appearance. It looks fabulous with light and dark gray cabinets alike. The neutral gray background allows the gold to stand out as a striking accent and is a personal favorite! 

What’s next?

Take these steps to choose the best gray paint color for YOUR kitchen cabinets:

1. Determine which undertones to avoid based on your home’s exposure, furniture, and existing finishes. It’s essential to prioritize undertones that harmonize with your surroundings, even if your personal preference may not align with your home’s aesthetic.

Get Your Gray Peel & Stick Paint Samples – HERE!

2. SAMPLE YOUR SELECTIONS! Instead of using those tiny swatches, opt for Samplize sheets (peel and stick paint samples of real paint) to evaluate the undertones in your kitchen’s lighting conditions, day and night.

Picking the perfect gray paint for your cabinets is a big decision that will really impact the overall look of your space. My free guide “How to Choose Paint Colors with Confidence” will help!

Whether you’re into timeless classics or trendy modern hues, there’s a perfect gray for you in this post. These shades cater to different tastes and design styles, allowing you to create a sophisticated, monochromatic look or a bold, contrasting statement. Sherwin Williams’ quality and reputation ensure that your chosen gray paint will stand the test of time!


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